Sauvignon blanc

The Sauvignon
like a passion

The owner of the Domaine Joël Delaunay and the Domaine de la Brossette in Touraine region, Thierry Delaunay was and is highly interested in the vinification of the Sauvignon Blanc, the internationally known grape variety that demands a high technical level and rigour to fully express their fresh and fruity flavors.

The Loire region has the most favorable conditions for expressions of the Sauvignon Blanc. The idea to increase the capacity of production and vinification through the rigorous selection of the musts and the wines was put into action until early 2000’s.


To meet the increasing demand in exportation of the Sauvignon Blanc of the Loire Valley, Thierry Delaunay started to vinify the wines in the Touraine Appellation in partnership with an English wine importing agency.

The first sales were encouraging, so he decided in 2004 to broaden the demand for his wines and to vinify the Sauvignon Blanc in IGP Val de Loire, called “TYDY”. Visionary, he started using screw capping for bottling, a procedure that is very widespread among the Anglo-Saxon people and perfectly adapted for white grape varieties and rosés.

Nowadays, the line “Thierry Delaunay Signature” includes several brands of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and rosé. These wines are satisfying to drink and quite affordable for modern sophisticated clients.


Le Grand Ballon

In 8 years Le Grand Ballon had become our flagship brand. It was born to transmit what we see almost every day from our Estate: hot air balloons flying over the vineyards and the “Chateaux” of the Loire.

Vinified in IGP Val de Loire, Le Grand Ballon allows you to discover the fruits and freshness of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Gamay, which are planted along the royal river la Loire.

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Le Grand Ballon

Coming from the wines in Appellation Protégé Touraine and selected with the greatest care where we can find all the minerality of the Cher’s slopes terroir.
A range of white, red, rosé, fruity and persistent wines with a beautiful intensity and a round and greedy mouth.

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Le Grand Ballon

The selected parcels, planted on the slopes on the Touraine Chenonceaux Appellation area, the soil rich in flint, the lower yields, the longer maturing, all these factors contribute to the rich character for these wines.

The fleshy and deep in structure for red, Malbec – Cabernet Franc blending and Sauvignon blanc finely expressive and mineral for the white.

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The Holy Snail

Our typically French snail is sacrificed! Benefiting from all our know-how, it can accompany you as an aperitif as well as all along a meal.

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Blanc de Lys

Nothing but the beautiful Fleur de Lys let us know that we are tasting a wine coming from the slopes of the royal river la Loire.
This harmonious and well-balanced wine with its fresh and fruity scents will make you travel to our beautiful valleys at the moment of tasting.

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This simple wine, signed Thierry Delaunay, where Sauvignon Blanc perfectly expresses its vividness on the first taste and the softness with a delightful final note. A nice model of balance.

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The beautiful and elegant vignette represents the character of these wines. From the outset, the brilliance of this wine invites us to lift the glass.
The aromatic frame where we can find an intense, full-bodied and long mouth.

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Our region is full of manors.
You can sight them in every small village and on our label as well! These wines are very pleasant throughout the tasting, they have a beautiful and bright color, the bouquet with fine floral notes, the palate is held by this rich mixture with its fresh final note.

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The symbolic animal which is widespread in the Touraine region and on all the façades of the Chateaux. This Sauvignon Blanc gives out the typical aromas of the Touraine’s flagship grape variety, the citruses and exotic fruits scents. Round on the palate with a lemony freshness on the final taste.

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This cuvée dedicated to the son of Thierry Delaunay.
The Touraine Sauvignon Blanc with a complex and vivid bouquet is perfect for your aperitif or with a nice seafood platter.

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The wonderful month of our harvest!
A blending of Sauvignon Blanc which express all the diversity and richness of different French terroir that seduces with its elegant, vivid and fragrant aromas.

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Our orange wine is obtained by vinifying our emblematic Sauvignon Blanc grape like a red, by macerating the grapes for several days in tank before pressing. This vinification technique dating back to antiquity, allows us to obtain an original wine with notes of orange peel and candied fruit enhanced by a beautiful freshness.

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This range Francis D. is a tribute Francis Delaunay, grandfather of Thierry, and is composed of three Sauvignon blanc from the Loire.

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The History of Les Batelles start in our vines with one of our parcels which called like that. But this history continues around meetings and blends with others cuvées from the Cher Valley in order to offer a Touraine Sauvignon, Rosé et Gamay and Touraine Chenonceaux with unique and authentic profiles.

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Domaine Joel Delaunay


Domaine de la Brossette